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Price of soda (per gallon)

I took my family to the movies the other day and, as usual, choked at the prices they charge for the soda and popcorn. It's an order of magnitude higher than the cost of the same product from the supermarket or Costco. They certainly know how to maximise profits from their captive audience.

As high as gas prices seem to be getting these days, it's eye-opening to calculate that it's seven times more expensive to purchase a gallon of ice cold beverage at the movie theater than it is to buy a gallon of premium unleaded gasoline!

As staggering as the soda mark-up is, I thought it would be a fun exercise to compare the price of other fluids per volume. The results are shown in the table below:

Perfume (CHANEL No5) $260.00 1 fl oz $33,280.00
Ink Jet Ink $16.99 19 ml Cartridge $3,384.95
Blood $240.00 Pint $1,920.00
Champagne (Dom Perignon) $130.00 Bottle $656.14
Vanilla Extract $4.99 2 fl oz bottle $319.36
Cough Syrup $5.99 4 fl oz bottle $191.68
Wine $30.00 Bottle $151.42
After Shave (Old Spice) $6.99 6.375 fl oz $140.35
Vodka $20.00 Bottle $100.94
Olive Oil (Extra Virgin) $9.89 17 fl oz bottle $74.47
Coffee (Latté) $3.00 Tall (12 oz) $32.00
Shampoo $2.99 12 fl oz bottle $31.89
Soda (Movie Theater) $5.75 24 fl oz serving $30.67
Canned Soup $2.99 18.6 fl oz can $20.58
Soy Sauce $5.09 40 fl oz bottle $16.29
Coffee (Drip) $1.50 Tall (12 oz) $16.00
Beer $13.99 12 x 12 fl oz bottles $12.44
Paint $58.00 5 gallon container $11.60
Antifreeze $9.99 1 gallon container $9.99
Milk $6.99 1 gallon container $6.99
Orange Juice $3.00 59 fl oz carton $6.51
Gasoline $4.29 1 gallon $4.29
Soda (Costco) $6.99 Tray 24 x 12 fl oz cans $3.11
Bleach $4.39 182 fl oz bottle $3.09

Yes, that's right, Inkjet Ink, per volume, is 5x more expensive than fancy champagne. I know it's a "Razor/Razorblade" market, but it's sad when it's taken too far. I'm sure I'm not the only person on the planet who buys a brand new inkjet printer everytime the ink runs out in his current one. How wasteful is that to the environment? Al Gore, please do something about it.

Over $3k per gallon? Come on, that's more expensive than mermaid's tears (guess which movie we went to see?)


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